Nifty prediction for 01/07/19

On Thursday - 27/06/19 nifty posted key reversal pattern at market top. On Friday nifty closed 52 points lower. Every key reversal may not be so significant and also it does not indicate the extend of the reversa. So we have to take confirmation from our #share #analysis #software for short term and long term sell signal. Meanwhile I have added a query to identify key reversal sell shares in our software. We are giving result of the same for Monday. You can observe these shares along with stop loss given for Monday.

Concepts of Stock Market

Stock market terminology and concepts are something very essential to know before taking your financial decisions. Stock market analysis is needed to gain knowledge of the equity market and arrive the real value of the stock. Financial exchange tips are detailed after careful research by specialists. Stock examiners attempt to discover movement of an instrument/division/advertise in future. By utilizing stock examination, speculators and brokers touch base at value purchasing and selling choices. Contemplating and assessing past and current information encourages financial specialists and merchants to pick up an edge in the business sectors to settle on educated choices. Basic Research and

Nifty weekly wrap 17/06/19

In last week nifty 47 points in this correction. It is again moving in a triangle but Friday's low is not yet confirmed. If it is not broken then today nifty may go up. Else it will break the green line and go down. In our #share #analysis #software we have received short term sell signal. So as per that chances of nifty going down is more. Let us watch for the same.

Crests And Troughs Of The Tranquil Pandemonium – Stock Market

To begin with, stock markets are lax networks of economic transactions between buyers and sellers of stocks. Right from the beginning of the civilization, prosperity has been pretty much crucial. Probably a major reason behind our happiness. People have been trying numerous ways to be prosperous. Besides, investing in fixed deposits, recurring deposits, and mutual funds, rarely though, people have also tried their hand and fortune in the stock market. As the whereabouts of the stock market has been barely exposed to common people. Giving rise to their mistrust in stock exchanges and fear of incurring heavy losses as there were no Stock Market Analysis software or other tools. That would have

Why We Need Share Analysis Software in Stock Market

Share market is one the important aspect of our corporate world where rising of share market makes people happy one the other hand downfall of share market changes the happy state of mind of share holders into unhappy state. Therefore sometime various share analysis software is needed to predict and check the stability of share markets. Vedant Marg share analysis software is one of best share analysis software in which you gets the daily list of selling and buying of share of National stock exchange .Apart from that you will get intranet strategy with entry and exit level, exit level means the rising of share price in which one is intended to sell his share ,for example suppose the price of

Result of share analysis software

What a coincidence. I was expecting that nifty and bank nifty will continue down signal in our software. But for nifty its buy turning price on Friday was 11922.80 and yesterday nifty closed at 11922.70. Just 10 paisa below its buy TP and continue in sell mode. Now its TP for today is 12088.55. But in FNO software nifty future has given buy signal along with risk sell signal. Its OI trend is still weakening - longs are unwinding. So it is always better to follow #share #analysis #software for any decision to work in its derivatives.

Nifty analysis for 10/06/19

In last week nifty posted all time high of 12103 and then got corrected to 11769. Friday's candle is lower long legged dojji which indicates that at day's low heavy buying took place. In our #share #analysis #software the short term indication is sell. So to confirm further up move we should get buy signal. Secondly there is total gain of 995 points in last up move. If we consider 38.1% correction then nifty value comes out to be 11723 and nifty has posted low of 11769. So it is better to wait for buy signal on EOD basis (end of the day) before we take further long position.

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