Nifty Prediction for 31/12/2019

Nifty posted red candle with long lower leg. This means at day's high traders booked profit and again bought at day's low. Also nifty posted higher high and higher low. So uptrend is continue. In our #share #analysis #software nifty is still in sell mode for 5 DMA (short term) Today if nifty closes above 12262 then it will give buy signal. Buy our stock market products and earn handsome profit from. Contact Nitin Shripad Joshi 9922081120

Nifty Prediction for 30/12/2019

This chart is Nifty 15 minutes candlestick chart. In this I have plotted minor waves of wave 3 of 5. As per my counting wave 1 of 3 of 5 ended at 12231 with gap of 111 points. wave 2 of 3 of 5 ended at 12199 with a gap of 32. now wave 3 of 3 of 5 has started which is never short. So its amplitude will be more that 111. Thus target of end of 3 of 3 of 5 will be 12310 or more. Nifty has closed at 12245.80. So still there is gap of 65 points from our target. In our #share #analysis #software Key Reversal and Intraday trend is UP. 5 DMA (short term) is yet to give buy signal. 34 DMA (long term)is UP. So let us watch for our target. Buy our share analysis software for getting exact buy/sell strat

Nifty prediction for 27/12/19

Nifty posted big red candle below previous day's candle. In our #sharee #analysis #software nifty has given 5 DMA (short term) sell signal with stop loss of 12287. Intraday, MACD and key reversal strend are also down. The targets given by software are 12036, 11991 and 11856. BankNifty has also given sell signal with stop loss 32502 with target of 31600, 31402 and 30807. So nifty may fall further. Lets us watch for the same. For such indications about any share buy our share analysis software. Nitin Shripad Joshi 9922081120

Nifty Prediction for 26/12/2019

Nifty posted a red candle engulfing previous 2 candles. This confirms end of wave 1 of 5 and start of wave 2 of 5. Wave 2 of 5 is minor correction. In wave 2 of 3 nifty was corrected by 224 points before wave 3 of 3 started. In our #share #analysis #software nifty is in risk sell mode which means if it closes below 12221 today then it will give 5 DMA sell signal. Stop loss for this is 12294. Intraday and Key Reversal signal are down. Lets watch for the same. For such signal in any share, buy our share analysis software. Nitin Shripad Joshi 9922081120

Nifty prediction 23/12/2019

Nifty posted all time high of 12293.90. But candle on 20/12/2019 is small dojji means indecision. Wave 1 of 5 amplitude is 472 points. In our #share #analysis #software intraday signal is down with stop loss of 12306. All other signals are UP. So we have to watch today's movement for confirmation of end of 1 of 5.

Nifty Analysis for 20/12/19

Nifty posted new all time high of 12268.35 but still showing UP indication in all 6 indicators in our #share #analysis #software. Stochastic is 98.02 which is in extremely overbought condition. Only weakness is shown by MACD which has made lower top when Nifty has made higher top, but still it is saying UP. Refer to this picture of our share analysis software. In which you can clearly see in bottom chart that MACD has made lower top than Nifty. BankNifty has given Key Reversal Sell signal in our share analysis software. Normally BankNifty reacts first and if that is confirmed then Nifty follows. So it is quite possible that wave 1 of 5 is going to end. Uptill now wave 1 of 5 has given 446 po

Nifty prediction for 19/12/2019

On 18/12/2019 Nifty and BankNifty posted new all time high. As wave 5 is going on and which is above end of wave 3, so both index will keep on breaking its all time high. But don't worry. If you are a long term investor then hold your shares as per 34 DMA trend in our #share #analysis #software. See this table: These are few examples from our share analysis software. There are many more. For that contact Nitin Shripad Joshi 9922081120

Nifty prediction for 18/12/2019

Yesterday's dark cloud pattern effect is nullified by a green candle. Nifty and BankNifty posted new all time high. In our share software short term trend for nifty is UP with stop loss of 12023 and that for BankNifty is 31770 spot values. For knowing trend of other shares buy our software products. Contact Nitin Shripad Joshi at 9922081120.

Nifty prediction for 16/12/19

On Friday's close Nifty and BN both are in Best Buy in our #share #analysis #software. So this is confirmation of the start of wave 5. Looking at the current scenario I feel that wave 5 may be extended means its amplitude may be greater than wave 3. If so then we will see lots of तेजी तब तक लगे रहो मुन्नाभाई

Nifty prediction for 12/12/2019

Nifty posted lower low and higher close yesterday. This is key reversal buy signal. This has to be confirmed by higher low and higher close today. If so then this may be end of the wave 4 and beginning of the wave 5.

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