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What is Stock Market Analysis? Stock market analysis enables investors to identify the intrinsic worth of a security even before investing in it. All BEST Stock market analysis tips are formulated after thorough research by experts. Stock market try to find out activity of an instrument/sector/market in future Share Intraday Live Buy Sell Software. By using Stock market analysis, investors and traders arrive at equity buying and selling decisions. Studying and evaluating past and current data helps investors and traders to gain an edge in the Stock Market Analysis to make informed decisions. Commodity Analysis Software Fundamental Research and Technical Research are two types of research us

Nifty analysis for 29/03/19

Wednesday's high was not end of B of correction as on Thursday nifty posted higher high and gain of 124.95 points. So we have to get clear confirmation of end of B. Then we can predict correction move of C. Let us wait for that.

Nifty analysis for 28/03/19

As expected nifty posted red candle. So yesterday's up move was a correction. Chart indicates that A and B of correction are over. Now C is downward correction and end of C is normally less than end of A which is 11311. So let us watch that.

Nifty analysis for 27/03/19

As expected nifty posted big green candle and thus 3 days correction is ended. But now this is next upward move or correction upward part that we have to see. If so then nifty may post lower low than yesterday's low of 11354 before starting next upward move. Let us see that.

Nifty analysis for 26/0319

On Friday nifty given indication of correction and today it is confirmed. But at the end nifty was lifted up from day's low. Today was the 3rd day of correction. Corrections are usually 3 or 5. So it may end today. Else if it continues for 5 days then it may touch around 11247 which is support on red line.

Nifty analysis for 22/03/19

Today also nifty posted higher high and higher low. But candle is red. Still no valid signal of reversal. This uptrend is for 20 days and 21 is the Fibonacci number which may be turning point. So on Friday we have to watch for the same.

Nifty analysis for 20/03/19

Yesterday nifty posted ling legged dojji which is indecision. But today nifty posted higher high than yesterday and also it posted rise of 70 points. Today's candle is again like hanging man pattern. Market is due for correction. But still we don't have any valid indication. Let us see tomorrow.

Nifty analysis for 19/03/19

Nifty posted a long legged doji which has almost equal upper and lower leg with a small body in the middle of the day's trading range. This clearly indicates the indecision of traders. So market can go up or sown. But if it occurs at a considerable top then there are chances of market going down. So all short term traders may hold there position as per 5 DMA stop loss in our #share #analysis #software. Long term players not to worry till we get 34 DMA sell signal in our software.

Nifty analysis for 18/03/19

Yesterday nifty posted high of 11487 but could not sustain higher level and closed at 11426. The total rise from a low of 10585 which was at green line is 902. Still there is no sign of any reversal. But we suggest that you should guard your buying position with the trailing stop loss published by our #share #analysis #software daily.

Nifty analysis for 15/03/19

Nifty posted close above red line for third consultative day. But candle is red. So breakout may be confirmed but before that there may be correction. We have to watch tomorrow's candle for further prediction. Now if this breakout is confirmed then red line which was resistance line before now becomes support line.

Nifty analysis for 14/03/19

Nifty closed second day above red line. This is 2/3 confirmation of upper breakout. But again yesterday's candle is not so healthy. It is long lower leg candle like hanging man. It indicates that nifty may come down. But we should get confirmation of this with today's candle. Otherwise if breakout is confirmed this wave started from low of 10585 can be counted as next impulse wave. I will post its counting and target once it is confirmed.

Nifty analysis for 13/02/09

Nifty opened gap up and posted a high of 11320 and closed near to that. Nifty broken red line and closed above it. To confirm this breakout nifty has to close 2 more days above this line. But this was very good short term rally. Our #share #analysis #software has given 511 points from its last 5 DMA buy call. So it is always better to follow software indication than any analysis.

Nifty analysis for 12/03/19

Nifty posted big green candle and previous 2 days candle's effect is totally nullify. Nifty posted a high of 11180 which is almost near to red line. Now tomorrow candle is very crucial. We have to watch if nifty closes above red line or not? Let us watch it tomorrow.

Nifty analysis for 11/02/19

Today nifty posted long lower legged dojji. It almost took support on 5 DMA average line which is placed at 10999.5. So on Monday it has to break this level and close below this level to move towards green line. Else it will again try to go to red line. Let us see on Monday.

Nifty analysis for 08/03/19

Nifty has posted hanging man patter like candle which is downward trend reversal. Though it is single candle pattern, if today's candle is red then it will confirm that nifty may go down. Else it is slowly moving towards red line. Nifty current PE is 27.11 which is in over bought zone. So it may also get corrected if nifty comes down.

Nifty analysis for 07/03/19

Another step ahead towards red line. Nifty closed above 11000 for the 2nd time in this channel. This time it seems to be firm as last time it came down below 11000 mark and wend down up to 10604. As last time it touched red line when it closed above 11000. But this time there is still gap. But it is not necessary that nifty should touch red line and then move downwards. So let us watch for that.

Nifty analysis for 06/03/19

Nifty posted big green candle taking it to almost 11000 mark. Now price at red line is around 11200 which is not far away. But the main point is it is neither breaking red line upwards nor breaking green line downwards. So positive breakout to one of these line is very important. Then nifty will move fast in that direction either up or down. Till that time we have to trade between these two lines.

Nifty analysis for 05/03/19

Yesterday nifty opened high and just crossed previous high. Very narrow movement compared to last 4 days. But it has closed above green line. Again possibility of going towards red line. But if it goes down it may break green line.

Nifty analysis for 01/03/19

It seems that this time nifty is facing strong resistance to go up to red line. Yesterday its low and close almost same and on green line. So today it may break green line and close below. In our #share #software 200 DMA has given sell signal again. 34 DMA is already down. 5 DMA is about to give sell signal. So overall it seems that nifty may go down.

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