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To install our software license version follow these steps.

Please note that these products may not work on pirated versions of Windows. Also, it will require Windows 64 bit with Internet Explorer 11.0.

If you are reinstalling any version then remove the previous version from the add / remove a program and delete the corresponding folder from C drive and C:/Program Files (x86) and also delete all setup / exe files of our software from the download folder before you start a fresh installation.

1. Download Setup from the link and install the software.
2. Right-click on the icon on the desktop and click on the property.
3. Then click on the compatibility tab and check "Run this program as an administrator" at bottom of the dialog box and click on OK. 
4. Then insert the dongle, double click icon, and start the software.
5. Click on the chart menu and click to select share set at the top left corner.
6. Select share in the bottom combo to view the chart.

Share Setup

FNO Setup

To update our existing software products follow these steps.

  1. Download the respective exe file from the link given below.

  2. Copy exe file from the download folder.

  3. Rightclick the respective icon on the desktop and click on the Open File Location menu.

  4. Paste the exe file here and replace the old one.

  5. Rightclick the respective icon on the desktop and click on the Property menu.

  6. Click on the compatibility tab at the top and click on Run this program as an administrator at the bottom.

  7. Then click OK and start the software.

Following changes made in share software on 08/08/2020

  1. Error in data import fixed.


FNO Software recommended option list is added on 08/08/2020. For this, you should have both share and fno software. You have to first import data for share and from best buy/sell & 5 DMA buy/sell you have to delete shares that you don't want to consider for option. Then close the share chart menu and then import data for fno.

Link for downloading exe

Share Analysis Share.exe

FNO Analysis Software

For Currency Analysis Software

For Intraday Share Software