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Concepts of Stock Market

Stock market terminology and concepts are something very essential to know before taking your financial decisions.

Stock market analysis is needed to gain knowledge of the equity market and arrive the real value of the stock. Financial exchange tips are detailed after careful research by specialists. Stock examiners attempt to discover movement of an instrument/division/advertise in future.

By utilizing stock examination, speculators and brokers touch base at value purchasing and selling choices. Contemplating and assessing past and current information encourages financial specialists and merchants to pick up an edge in the business sectors to settle on educated choices. Basic Research and Technical Research are two kinds of research used to initially investigate and afterward esteem a security.

All about the Dividends

As we know , a share consists of a portion of the company.When the company receives profit a part of it called dividends are distributed to its shareholders. This is the ideology behind dividends.Every year a part of the company’s profit is distributed as dividends among its investors(the people who have a financial stake in the company. Dividend is the initial and primary source of income for long-term shareholders.


When a company gets listed, different companies issue different amount of shares and the value of one differs from other share of another company’s stock. Market Capitalization helps to smooth out such distinction.Market Capitalization=Market Stock Price *Total number of shares(public).Market Capitalization reflects the total market value of stocks with considering both size and price.It matters when stacking stocks are in different indices, market capitalisation also decides the weightage of stock in the index.This initiates the bigger the market value of the company, the more its price fluctuations affect the value of the index.


Markets are described as ‘bull’ or ‘bear’ markets. These names classify the manner in which the animals attack their opponents.

A bull usually thrust its horns up into the air and a bear swipes its paws down.These actions are used to compare the movement of a market, if stock prices trend upwards, it is said to be a bull market and if stock market trend downwards, it is said to be a bear market.

The market conditions are often determined by the forces of demand and supply of securities.

Forces like:

1)Investor Psychology

2)Government involvement

3)Fluctuations in Economic activity

These are some key elements which in combination make investors bid higher or lower prices for stocks.

These are some key forces regarded stock market analysis ,to make wiser financial decisions use Vedant margdarshak’s Share Analysis Software and take wiser financial decisons, because each decision counts!


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