Zoom Meetings Group

Ram Ram, We have formed a group on Zoom Meetings for conducting daily meetings at 7 pm for around 30 minutes. In this meeting, we carry out an analysis of Nifty. We discuss the Elliott Wave Principle, Trend Line Analysis, Chart Pattern, Candlestick Cart, Moving Average, and other Technical Tools. Also, we discuss Share, FNO, and Share Intraday Software. We conclude an action plan for the next day and we conduct a meeting at 9 am in the live market for around 30 minutes. Also, we discuss the best buy and best sell from our software. We have also formed a Whatsapp group exclusively for the members of Zoom Group and we discuss time to time in this group about the market. As this group is based

Target 🎯 1 Cr

We are into Stock Market Analysis since 1993. We are carrying out studies and predictions for the nifty based on Elliott Waves Principles. It is the method that works on its own. There is no need for any other study. We have formed Vedant Community we guide our members to follow Elliott Wave Principles for Nifty. We are conducting daily 2 meetings. One at 7 pm to study and analyze that day's movement. After analyzing the data we decide the strategy for the next day. On the next day, we meet at 9 am to actually take action in the market. For joining this group, a member has to pay Rs. 108 per week, as a nominal contribution. For Google Pay, Phone Pay, Bhim use our mobile number 9922081120 an

1 Cr by End of 5

We conducted our 1st meeting for Nifty Analysis and Action Plan for a target of 1 Cr by End of wave 5. 18 members joined this meeting. We are going to conduct daily meeting at 07:00 pm for review and planning of further action. This meeting is only for our members. Membership fees for one week are Rs. 108.00 which can be paid on the link https://paykun.in/i0fPmTC. After confirmation of payment, you will receive an email from zoom to activate your zoom account. Then you can join the meeting with this link https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9061119649 Meeting ID 9061119649. So hurry and enroll yourself for the coming week and join us with a target of 1 Cr by End of 5. Recording for 1st meeting is given

Become Crorepati Meeting

Vedant Margdarshak, Pune invites you to a Become Crorepati Meeting at 06:00 pm for the registered members of the company. We will have a daily meeting at 07:00 pm from Monday for discussing further strategy in the market for achieving our Crorepati Target. Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9061119649 Meeting ID: 906 111 9649 Nitin Shripad Joshi 9922081120 www.vedantmarg.com

Become Crorepati by joining today's training at 06:00 pm

We have arranged a training session on Options Trading today at 06:00 pm. We will explain to you options trading and we will also discuss the future of Nifty on the Elliott wave principle. Do not miss this session. It can totally change your Stock Market Trading Life. We are going to tell you a way to become crorepati by the end of wave 5. Join at sharp 06:00 pm today. For joining this training please fill the form and pay a nominal fee of Rs. 108 to the link given below. The form should reach us before 05:30 today. https://paykun.in/i0fPmTC

Can you believe this option returns?

As per our #share #analysis #software, we received 5 DMA BUY signal to Nifty at 9029 on 26/05/2020. We are giving here the price of Call Option on that day and yesterday's close price as per our #FNO #analysis #software. We have also given total profit generated and profit percentage for 1 Lot of 75. These are amazing and unbelievable results. Today nifty is up by 113 points. So actually today's closing will be more and that you can cross-check. So if you will work as per our system, you can earn income beyond expectations. What say? For that buy our #stock #market #analysis #software and we will give you complete training. Nitin Shripad Joshi 9922081120 Message us at wa.me/919922081120

Small correction in Nifty may end tomorrow.

This seems to be a small correction. I have counted the latest top 10176.20 as an end of 3 of 1 of 5 of 5. So now 4 of 1 is going on. Today's candle is a very small Dojii which is not effective for the downfall. Also, it posted low above 5 DMA average and took support and reverse back. So now wave 5 of 1 may start tomorrow if today's low of 9944.25 is not broken. Interestingly, in our #FNO #analysis #software, today's high volume option for nifty are 10500 CE and 10000 PE which was 10000 CE and 9500 PE till yesterday. Means high worth traders have shifted their focus on 10500 CE and maybe they are expecting nifty to cross this level. If we project a line up to redline then its value is aroun

Nifty is due for correction

After posting a low of 8806.75 nifty posted high of 10176.20 giving a total rise of 1369.45. Yesterday it posted a red candle after 5 green candles. There might be a possibility of correction.but not confirmed yet. Be prepared for the same. We also have to observe whether nifty will touch the red line before reversal. It has crossed and is above long term support line which may not be broken now. In our #share #analysis #software, we got an intraday down signal. But all other signals are up. Follow the software's 5 DMA stop loss to safeguard your position.

Ride on BULL run. Don't miss it.

All word markets are going up steadily. This is the next bull run. Wave 1 of 5 of 5 is going on. The entire wave 5 of 5 may continue for another 10 years. So gear up for that. Today Nifty 50 Future is at 10081 up by 93 points at 07:39 am. Yesterday I made a mistake and booked a profit in my Nifty 10000 CE. Today I am thinking of buying 10200 CE which closed at 158.90 yesterday, though our #FNO #analysis #software is still recommending 10000 CE as a high volume option. The target 3 as per our #share #analysis #software is 10037.30 which may cross today. The target 4 is 11045.60. So let us hold our long for this target. Of source, there may be a minor correction. But that will be an opportunit

Is this a start of impulse wave 5 of 5 which may take Nifty to 17000?

From the interview of Rakesh Jhunjunwala on CNBC TV 18, I totally agree with this point: Rakesh Jhunjhunwala in an interview said to CNBC TV18 that "A NEW BULL MARKET? - Typically before a new bull market begins, it shakes out everyone in a severe way, this has played out now - I remain an eternal bull, hoping this is the beginning of a long new bull market." I have posted the following point in my previous Elliott Wave Prediction post on 28/05/2020. Low posted on 24/03/2020 - 7511 is.end of 4 of 5. A new impulse wave (bull market wave) is started. High posted on 30/04/2020 - 9889 is the end of 1 of 5 of 5. Low posted on 18/05/2020 - 8806 is the end of 2 of 5 of 5. Now from low of 8806 wav

Ride on Uptrend

This is today's live chart of Japan Index NI225. At this movement, it is up by 270 points. After posting a low of 16358 on 19/03/2020, it has posted a high of 22161 today. The total gain of 5803. Now, this may be new impulse wave or this may be an upward correction. In both cases, we should ride on an uptrend and make money in this. Now similar situation is in our Nifty. So as per our #share #analysis #software buy all those shares whos 34 DMA trend is UP. If you still don't have our #share#analysis#software yet, then buy it today only before it is too late. Contact us for more details and demo or just message us your name and city by clicking HERE Nitin Shripad Joshi 9922081120 https://veda

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