Nifty analysis for 29/04/19

Again nifty went up from green line and moved towards red line. But its hagh has not touched red line. So on Monday it may touch red line and reverse back. Or it can give breakout.

Nifty analysis for 26/04/19

Nifty posted high exactly on green line which I have made red now. So it is taking resistance on this line. I have drawn a green line connecting low which is now support line. So now nifty may move in this upward channel. Breakout to this channel to any side is important. Considering earlier up move from 10585 to 11856, possibility of lower side breakout is more. Lets see.

Nifty analysis for 25/04/19

Nifty bounced back and posted gain of 150 points. It has closed near green line. Once support line is crossed downwards it becomes resistance line. For tomorrow green line value is around 11800. So for nifty going up it should cross this level. Otherwise nifty may come down.

Nifty analysis for 24/04/19

Nifty posted small red candle with a low of 11564.80 which is still slightly higher than earlier low. But if nifty breaks 11549 then its next support is on 34 DMA which is at 11494. Nifty has come down from all time high of 11856 by 292 points. Last time also it has come down from 11760 to 10004 which was total fall of 1756. points.

Nifty analysis for 23/04/19

Sudden drop in nifty. It broken green line sharply and posted low of 11583.95 which is just higher of low of 11549.10. Now if nifty takes support above this level then it may go up. But if it breaks then next support may be above 11311.60.

Nifty analysis for 22/04/19

On 18/04/19 nifty posted a high of 11856 but could not sustain this level and come down to post a low of 11738. But still this low was higher than previous day's low. Now we have to watch today's low if it is higher than 11738 or not. Also I have drawn aa new green line which nifty is following. Unless and until nifty is above this line, it will go up.

Nifty analysis for 18/04/19

Nifty posted green candle above red line for 2nd day. So breakout is almost confirmed. Only today's close is important. If today it closes above red line then we can say further major up move has started. Its count as per Elliott wave will be 3 of 3 of 3 of 5 of 1 of 5 as per my counting. And as per rule wave 3 is never short. Wave 1 amplitude was 450. So we can expect minimum of 450 rise from the low of 11549 posted on 08/04/19. So target comes out to be more than 11999. Let us observe for these figures.

Nifty analysis for 16/04/19

So nifty gave breakout today as expected and closed above red line. It has to close 2 more days above this line to confirm the breakout. Then further up move will start. So let us watch for that.

Nifty predction for 15/04/19

As expected nifty touched red line and closed near to it. Now on Monday it can give breakout to red line or again come down to green line. So let us watch for that.

Nifty analysis for 12/04/19

As expected nifty went down towards green line but reversed before touching. Thus forming long lower leg dojji. So this is indecision. In our #F&O #analysis #software short term trend is down and open interest trend is weakening means longs are unwinding. MACD trend is also down. So we have to watch on our #share #intraday #software as in correction it is very useful.

Nifty analysis for 11/04/19

Nifty is undergoing flag pattern. Yesterday after touching red line it reversed to move towards green line. Today it may touch green line and again reverse towards red line. This is generally continuation pattern and share moves in the direction of prevailing trend which is up after breakout. Target can be decided after breakout.This pattern is very good for intraday trading as you get gap in both direction.

Nifty analysis for 10/04/19

As expected nifty reversed and posted a green candle. But it posted lower high than yesterday. So again tomorrow's high is important. If nifty fails to cross today's high then it may go down.

Nifty analysis for 09/04/19

Nifty posted big red candle engulfing previous 2 small candles. This is downward reversal pattern. It indicates that downward correction is yet to complete. So we have to watch today for the further decision. In our #F&O #analysis #software nifty has given 5 DMA sell signal but at the same time open interest trend is strengthening which means shorts are covering. So this is confusing situation. Our #intraday #buy #sell #signal #software will clear the picture.

Nifty analysis for 08/04/19

Nifty posted higher top and higher bottom and also gain of 67.95 points. This is change in trend to up side. Now as per my Elliott wave count 2 of 3 of 3 of 5 of 1 of 5 has ended then this up move can cross 12009. Let us watch for that.

Nifty analysis for 05/04/19

Nifty posted another red candle thus confirming down move. Now again we have watch for this move, if it is a correction move or down trend move. Also in our #share #analysis #software 5 DMA trend is still UP. But at the same time nifty has given risk sell signal at 11623.90 with a stop loss of 11761. So tomorrow we will get clear picture about short term trend. So watch for it.

Nifty analysis for 04/04/19

Nifty posted red candle engulfing last 2 dojji candle. Nifty marginal crossed all time high and posted new high of 11761. But nifty could not sustain this level and closed at 11643. Now we have to see if today's high is lower that yesterday's high.

Nifty analysis for 03/04/19

Again dojji for 3rd day. This time it is with lower long leg. This 3 days candle clearly indicates that there is indecision in market. It may go up or down. In such situation our intraday live buy sell signal software is very useful.

Nifty analysis for 02/04/19

Yesterday nifty posted high of 11738 but could not sustain this level and closed at 11669. This high is just short of all time high of 11759 posted on 28/08/18. From this level nifty got corrected to 9952 on 23/03/18. Yesterday's candle is like gravestone dojji which is a single candle downward reversal pattern. So this pattern at market top and failure to cross all time high indicates downward reversal may occur. But now a days we can't say anything. Also in our #share #analysis #software 5 DMA trend is UP. Only intraday trend is down. So we have to wait for today to confirm this with a red candle.

Nifty analysis for 01/04/19

Nifty has posted hanging man pattern candle on Friday. Exactly at the top of market so nifty may go down today. For confirmation nifty should post red candle today.

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