Nifty analysis for 28/02/19

Another day of up and down. Very big red candle. But nifty posted higher high and higher low. It also closed above green line. As long as it is above green line it will go up. Such movements are very profitable to trade in intraday with the help of our #intraday #live #buy #sell #signal #software. Try it once and earn huge profits from market.

Nifty analysis for 27/02/19

Today we observe very big movement in nifty. Its day's high was 10888 slightly higher than yesterday's high and day's low was 10729 lower than yesterday's low. Total gap between high and low is 159 and nifty closed 44 points lower but still posted big green candle with long but equal upper and lower leg. Though its low was below green line, it closed above green line. This is a positive sign. Tomorrow's green line value is around 10785. So nifty has to close above this to remain in channel. Else it will be closing below green line.

Nifty analysis for 26/02/19

As expected nifty went up and posted a green candle. It also broken both averages and closed above that. So its journey towards red line is going on steady. There may be some correction before it reaches red line.

Nifty analysis for 25/02/19

Nifty posted a long lower leg dojji so indicating that next day it may go up. Also it took support on green line and went up from there. So on Monday nifty may go up. Let us watch for that.

Nifty analysis for 22/02/19

As expected nifty posted a green candle totally in the channel above green line. So we may expect up move to red line. The 1st resistance is 34 DMA line which is placed at 10826 and 2nd resistance is 200 DMA line which is placed at 10860. So nifty has to cross both to reach red line. In our #share #analysis #software all 3 averages are in buy mode. So let us watch for nifty to break these 2 levels.

Nifty analysis for 21/02/19

Nifty made u turn and closed on the green line. So for downward breakout we need one more day to confirm. Else if it closes in channel then upward move may start towards red line. In our #share #analysis #software both 34 DMA and 200 DMA have given buy signal. But 5 DMA is still down. Tomorrow's close is important. Let us watch for the same.

Nifty analysis for 20/02/19

Nifty after opening went up to the high of 10722 which was exactly on the green line. From this point it reversed to post a low of 10585 and closed at 10604. This is usual phenomenon that once a share breaks support line then it becomes a resistance line. So after touching green line nifty reacted and went down. Also today it closed 2nd time below green line. Now to confirm breakout it has to close below green line tomorrow also. So let us watch for the same.

Nifty analysis for 19/02/19

Nifty failed to reverse and close much below green line. This is 1st closing of downward breakout. This time it is with more aggression. For confirmation of this breakout nifty has to close 2 more days below green line. In our #share #analysis #software nifty has given long term sell signal on 14/02/19 and today it has given 200 DMA sell signal. 200 DMA is psychological barrier and if this signal is confirmed then it gives long term effect on market. So in near future nifty may go down to a level of 10333 from where it has reversed in the past. Watch for that.

Nifty analysis for 18/02/19

Nifty broken green line sharply and posted low of 10620 but recovered to close at 10724 which was above green line. A red candle with long lower leg. It indicates reversal. So now journey towards red line may start. Watch for it.

Nifty analysis for 18/02/19

Nifty broken green line sharply and posted low of 10620 but recovered to close at 10724 which was above green line. A red candle with long lower leg. It indicates reversal. So now journey towards red line may start. Watch for it.

Nifty analysis for 15/02/19

I have modified green line and yesterday's close was near to green line. Now we have to watch for nifty low today. green line is placed at 10706. So if nifty post higher low than this then it may go up.

Nifty analysis for 13/02/19

Nifty broken 200 DMA and posted low near green line. Today is 5th day which is Fibonacci number. So there may be upward turning from this point if nifty do not break green line. Let us watch for that.

Nifty analysis for 12/02/19

Nifty posted red candle but its low was exactly on 200 DMA line at 10857 and it recovered to closed at 10888. Nifty may attempt to go up from here and again try to cross red line. Else green line is placed at 10815. Lets watch for that.

Nifty prediction for 11/02/19

As expected nifty reacted sharply and formed a large red candle. So once again it has started its journey towards green line. We may publish its target on green line after 2-3 days. In such days short term trading as per our #share #analysis #software is not so profitable. But as per long term trend you can hold the stock. But for such period our #share #intraday #buy #sell #signal #software is very useful. With the help of that software and our training you can be successful #intraday #trader. Our new and improved version of that software is paying like anything. Contact us for online demo.

Nifty analysis for 08/02/19

Nifty just crossed red line but reacted back to close below it forming lager upper leg dojji. Dojji means indecision. This may be end of up move which started at low of 10652. If today nifty failed to cross red line which is placed at 11116, then it may go down towards green line. Else break out above red line may take place. But chances of coming down are more. lets us watch for that.

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Nifty analysis for 07/02/19

Big green candle which took nifty almost near red line which is reversal line. But nifty has broken earlier high and also close above 11000 mark. Today is 8th day of current up move. So it is very interesting to watch nifty behavior at red line which is placed at 11110 and yesterday's nifty close was 10934.35. Let us watch for that.

Nifty analysis for 06/02/19

One more green candle above yesterday's candle. Nifty going towards read line steady. But as per last move 10985 has to crossed positively means it has to close 3 days above that level. As it is undergoing a correction, we can expect bounce back towards green line again. But if you observe in our #share #analysis #software our long term trend is UP all the time. So if you are holding nifty or any other share as per LT trend you don't have to consider any of this up and down movement.

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