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Small correction in Nifty may end tomorrow.

This seems to be a small correction. I have counted the latest top 10176.20 as an end of 3 of 1 of 5 of 5. So now 4 of 1 is going on. Today's candle is a very small Dojii which is not effective for the downfall. Also, it posted low above 5 DMA average and took support and reverse back. So now wave 5 of 1 may start tomorrow if today's low of 9944.25 is not broken.

Interestingly, in our #FNO #analysis #software, today's high volume option for nifty are 10500 CE and 10000 PE which was 10000 CE and 9500 PE till yesterday. Means high worth traders have shifted their focus on 10500 CE and maybe they are expecting nifty to cross this level. If we project a line up to redline then its value is around 10483.

In our #share #analysis #software, the intraday signal is only down and all other signals are up. So let us see tomorrow's movement which will decide the further trend. We will get confirmation of this in our #share #intraday #live #buy #signal #software.

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