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Ride on Uptrend

This is today's live chart of Japan Index NI225. At this movement, it is up by 270 points. After posting a low of 16358 on 19/03/2020, it has posted a high of 22161 today. The total gain of 5803. Now, this may be new impulse wave or this may be an upward correction. In both cases, we should ride on an uptrend and make money in this.

Now similar situation is in our Nifty. So as per our #share #analysis #software buy all those shares whos 34 DMA trend is UP.

If you still don't have our #share#analysis#software yet, then buy it today only before it is too late. Contact us for more details and demo or just message us your name and city by clicking HERE

Nitin Shripad Joshi



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