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Ride on BULL run. Don't miss it.

All word markets are going up steadily. This is the next bull run. Wave 1 of 5 of 5 is going on. The entire wave 5 of 5 may continue for another 10 years. So gear up for that.

Today Nifty 50 Future is at 10081 up by 93 points at 07:39 am. Yesterday I made a mistake and booked a profit in my Nifty 10000 CE. Today I am thinking of buying 10200 CE which closed at 158.90 yesterday, though our #FNO #analysis #software is still recommending 10000 CE as a high volume option.

The target 3 as per our #share #analysis #software is 10037.30 which may cross today. The target 4 is 11045.60. So let us hold our long for this target. Of source, there may be a minor correction. But that will be an opportunity to enter again.

If you have not bought our #share #analysis #software yet buy it today only and ride on BULL RUN and make handsome money in this current difficult situation.

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