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We are meeting daily for Stock Market Analysis on Zoom. Our target is to earn 1 Cr from Stock Market by end of wave 5. Join us if you want to be Crorepati. For 7 days FREE trial click the image and fill the form. We will send you the details of the meeting.

Work full time in Stock Market with the help of our Intraday buy sell signal software and earn regular income.

About us 

Our company was started in 2000 by Mr. Nitin Shripad Joshi with the view to give advice for being happy, healthy and prosperous in our life. For being prosperous we need to earn good amount of money in various ways. Some of them are bank fixed deposit, recurring deposit, bonds, mutual fund, and the stock market(share analysis software).

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You can become Lakhpati with the help of

our EOD software without working in the market.

All our end of the day software (Share Analysis Software) is based on the principle that all fundamentals are discounted at the close price of any share. Our software is based on the moving average of this close price. So if you use our buy sell signal software(share intraday live buy sell software) no need to do any fundamental or technical analysis. even no need to refer any news. Just buy sell as per automatic signals that are given by the software. Read more about this.....

share analysis software
fno analysis software
commodit analysis software
Currency analysis software
share analysis software
fno analysis software
commodit analysis software
Currency analysis software
What are Equity Shares ?

Equity share(Share Analysis Software) is raised to finance any public company. It is generally the main source of finance for public companies. When a company grows quite big, it requires a huge investment. At this point, it raises finance with an initial public offering. Further follow-on public offers follow to raise further public capital. (Share Analysis Software)The general public invests in the company through these equity shares.


Equity shares are valued in terms of book value, issue price, face value, or market value. The equity shareholders get payment in the form of a dividend. 

What is Intraday Trading ?

Intraday trading refers to buying and selling(share intraday live buy sell software) of equity stocks during the trading hours on the same day. Intraday trading allows to take a position on the stock and close it before the end of the trading hours on the same day. A very large number of stocks are bought and sold to book profits in a single day. 


Intraday trading gives an opportunity to book a profit-based within the same trading day. The activity of buying-selling or selling-buying (Share Analysis Software) is made depending upon the price movement of the stock on that day. 

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Share Analysis Software
Currency Analysis Software
F & O Analysis Software
Commodity Analysis Software

“Our goal is to help our clients to achieve good returns from the market by providing profitable trading signals and at the same time protect their trading capital. "

Fast & Prompt Technical Support

In trading, we know the importance of TIME. By considering this we have equipped our technical and support department with high-quality professionals who can handle your queries within 15 to 30 minutes time. 

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