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Nifty prediction for 21/01/2020

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Nifty opened at 12430.50 and posted same high, but reacted sharply to post a low of 12216.90 and closed at 12224.55. So it posted high above 12400 and completed wave 3 of 5. On same day wave 4 of 5 has started which is downward correction move. its amplitude can be anything near 364 points. It has already reacted by 214 points in a single day.

In our #share #analysis #software nifty has given 5 DMA sell signal with a stop loss of 12430.50. So in short term nifty will go down to complete correction wave 4 of 5.

To know correction in any other share buy our share analysis software.

Nitin Shripad Joshi


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