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Ram Ram,

We have formed a group on Zoom Meetings for conducting daily meetings at 7 pm for around 30 minutes. In this meeting, we carry out an analysis of Nifty. We discuss the Elliott Wave Principle, Trend Line Analysis, Chart Pattern, Candlestick Cart, Moving Average, and other Technical Tools. Also, we discuss Share, FNO, and Share Intraday Software. We conclude an action plan for the next day and we conduct a meeting at 9 am in the live market for around 30 minutes. Also, we discuss the best buy and best sell from our software. We have also formed a Whatsapp group exclusively for the members of Zoom Group and we discuss time to time in this group about the market. As this group is based purely on Technical Analysis, no fundamental factors or news are considered by us while predicting a nifty future.

We, therefore, invite you to join this new group which is named 1 Cr from Stock Market by the end of Wave 5 and you can also become Crorepati. You can invite your contacts for joining this group.

We are launching our 7th product which is a combination of Intraday and Positional Software. It is 5 minutes intraday chart for the last 5 days and gives short term and long term buy/sell signal.

Nitin Shripad Joshi



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