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Ram Ram Mandali

As you know all the market is going up steadily. As per Elliott wave principle wave, 5 has begun at a low of 8806 posted by Nifty on 18/05/2020. From that, we are systematically counting the wave 5 counts by daily analysis of Nifty. We are discussing the same in meetings on Zoom. We are finding out the best options for short term investment as per our share and FNO analysis software. We have also formed a pool for group investment activity. We have taken our target as per the picture below. Please go through the same and join us for this novel venture and get benefited out of that.

Nitin Shripad Joshi


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Milind Parad
Milind Parad
19 jul 2020

Sir.. please send me all details for this investment.

Milind Parad


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