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Target 🎯 1 Cr

We are into Stock Market Analysis since 1993. We are carrying out studies and predictions for the nifty based on Elliott Waves Principles. It is the method that works on its own. There is no need for any other study. We have formed Vedant Community we guide our members to follow Elliott Wave Principles for Nifty.

We are conducting daily 2 meetings. One at 7 pm to study and analyze that day's movement. After analyzing the data we decide the strategy for the next day. On the next day, we meet at 9 am to actually take action in the market. For joining this group, a member has to pay Rs. 108 per week, as a nominal contribution. For Google Pay, Phone Pay, Bhim use our mobile number 9922081120 and send your name, email, and mobile number to

For online payment click this link

After confirmation of payment, we will add you to our Zoom group and you can join meetings with link Meeting ID 9061119649

So join immediately and enjoy huge profits.

Nitin Shripad Joshi


Recording for our today's 2nd meeting on 08/06/2020 at 7 pm.


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