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Daily Nifty Analysis

Ram Ram Mandali

Today we discussed two calls in our morning Zoom meeting for 1 Cr by the end of wave 5. I am giving their approximate targets considering strike price will be reached. Bank Nifty 25 Mar 21 - 40000 CE - Today's close 372. Investment 9300. The probable target is 1423. Profit per share 1051 which is 282.5% Nifty 25 Mar 21 -16500 CE - Today's close 41. Investment 3075. The probable target is 386. Profit per share 345 which is 841.5% From the above figures, it seems that investment in Nifty call is more beneficial than Bank Nifty call. So you may consider investing in these options. One may not put any stop loss for this. But S5 in our FNO analysis software can be considered as stop loss. For knowing such analysis, please join our Zoom group at a nominal subscription of Rs. 360 per month or Rs. 900 for 3 months. If you are our existing software client, then please pay Rs. 540 per year for auto-update and get a one-month meeting subscription free.

Nitin Shripad Joshi



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