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Nifty prediction based on P/E ratio

Nifty P/E chart

Some interesting fact about Nifty P/E Ratio: On 03/06/19 Nifty was 12088 and P/E was 29.9 On 27/11/19 Nifty was 12100 and P/E was 28.2

This means although nifty close was almost the same, P/E is less by 1.7. This means the earning of companies have gone up. Now if we back-calculate with these figures and if P/E reaches again to 29 (I have considered that P/E will touch to 29 instead of 29.9), then nifty will touch12443. And surprisingly this figure is near to T3 - 12459 in our share analysis software. Why I studied all this? Because P/E is a very important figure which considers Fundamental as well as Technical Figures for nifty. And both this figure that is Price - close at 03:30 pm of any day which discounts all fundamental factors and Earning which is the key factor of any company. Nifty P/E is the average of close price of 50 shares divided by the average of earnings of the same 50 shares and that too in the same proportion in which the nifty 50 is comprised. There will be minor corrections in between. But overall we can expect a rise of another say 300 points. भाईलोग, ये तो मुन्नाभाई का prediction और calculation हैं | तो इस के साथ चलना या नहीं चलना ये तो आप पर निर्भर करता है |

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