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Wanna Seriously want to become Millionaire

This blog is very important if you want to earn money from Stock Market.

We can guide how to achieve this by option trading. There are 3 options for the strike price.

1. T3 price of nifty in share software for call in case of up mode and put in down mode.

2. Recommended nifty call put in the FNO software.

3. Any option 100 above or below for a call or put respectively if your budget and risk Appétit does not permit above 2 options.

Yesterday when I posted nifty going up 👆 at 1:50 pm in our 1 Cr group, I accumulated 825 nos of 15000 CE at Rs 342 average price, investment of 282150, and sold all at 3:15 pm.

Guidelines about stop 🛑 loss.

For call nearest low posted by nifty on 5 minutes chart 📊 minus (today's high - today's low)/18. Now you have to convert this nifty price to your call price with the help of an options calculator. The reverse of this for put.

काय बराच गोंधळ उडाला आहे का 😂 तर आज meeting मध्ये चर्चा करुया. पण एक लक्षात घ्या जर तुम्हाला खरोखरच करोडपती व्हायचे असेल तर 😂 तर it's not a joke. It is a result of serious efforts along with my guidance and of course perfect use of the share analysis software, FNO analysis software, and intraday analysis software. I am using and referring to all 3 software for intraday trading. And I am into the market from 9:15 to 3:30. तेव्हा कुठे 2.5 lacs च्या marine वर 50000 ते 60000 मिळतय.

Miracles never happen, but we produce miracles

I have learned this sentence in 1996. Now I am understanding its meaning.

Now to conclude :

If you really want to be Crorepati you have to do the following things compulsorily.

1. Buy our above 3 software. Intraday is optional if you are working in some other field full-time and working in the stock market part-time or casually. (Current software prices are going to be revised from 1st April 2021)

2. Buy our course material and read/learn/practice all analysis told in it by heart ♥ अहो मी जेव्हा 1996 पासून त्या पुस्तकाचा अभ्यास करतोय तेव्हा आत्ता कुठेतरी काहीतरी हाती lagtay. पण अजूनही त्यात सुधारणेला भरपूर वाव आहे आणि त्या मी करतोय. कारण Oct 2919 पासून stock market हा माझा full time job आहे. आणि त्यातूनच ही मे 2020 मध्ये ही करोडपतीची योजना सुचली. वास्तविक मी ती माझा मीच एकटा राबवू शकलो असतो. मला हा असा ग्रुप करून हे सगळे करण्याची काहीही अवश्यकता नव्हती. पण गीतेत सांगितल्याप्रमाणे *तू लोकसंग्रहार्थ काम कर, लोकांच्या कल्याणासाठी काम कर तुझे कल्याण मी करेन* असे भगवान श्रीकृष्णांनी सांगितले आहे त्याचा पण मी 1997 पासून अभ्यास करतोय. त्याचाही आता प्रत्यय येतोय. असो.... 😌

3. Attend each 1 Crore meeting and listen to it carefully. Understand each and everything that I am telling and use it in your trading from time to time. Listen to its recording and study. Ask me any question which may be very obvious in my perspective but don't hesitate. I may comment something on that but that may be out of my intelligence and not hurt you. So keep on asking. गीता संपूर्ण पणे अर्जुनाने प्रश्न विचारले म्हणून सांगितली. नाहीतर कृष्णाला काहीच पडली नव्हती 😂 इतके 700 श्लोक सांगण्याची.

You can also ask anything in our 1 Cr group at any time.

4. Most important. Promote this activity to all your friends and relatives and ask them to join our group. Like told in Geeta *one will prosper who will tell this गीता शास्त्र to others. I will take care of him in all respect.* Similarly I am going to tell you Share शास्त्र. Tell it to others and then see the results.

5. Last but most important: Read, study, adapt, and propagate my following 3 books 📚 it is the essential thing. I am able to produce miracles just because of the knowledge that I get from these books 📚

(1) जीवनकरिता श्रीमद्भागवतगीता

(2) कर्माच्या यशाचे रहस्य

(3) निरोगी जीवनाची सूत्रे

बस 😀 जर तुम्ही या तीन पुस्तकाचा नीट अभ्यास, आचरण व प्रसार केलात तर शेअर शास्त्रच काय या जगातील कुठलेही शास्त्र तुम्हाला येईल 😂 आणि तुम्ही करोडपतीच काय अब्जाधीश व्हाल.

If you require any clarification, then contact:

Mr. Mayur Kulkarni (CS)


Marketing and Operations

Nitin Shripad Joshi



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