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Jeevanakarita Shrimadbhagavaadjeeta is a book for our life. It tells us about how to live our life with Happy, Healthy and Prousporous. We have given do's andd don't of our life pertaining to Shrimadbhagvadgeeta told by Bhagavan Shri Krishna to Maharathi Arjun at the begining of battle of Mahabharat. Though the main purpose of telling Geeta was to convince Arjuna to take his Dhanushya in hand and start war with Kauravas, Lord Krishna told him all secrets of life which he has derived from Ved, Upnishad and Brahmsutra which is the oldest philosophy. This philosophy is base of our Sanscruti by which we can complete our jeorney from Birth to Death with Happy, Healthy and Prosperity. 


eBook by Nitin Shripad Joshi

Marathi : pages 44

Jeevanakarita Shrimadbhagavadgeeta

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